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Filler coats
Tile adhesives
Grouts for tile seams
Mixes for gypsum boards
Self-leveling floors
Waterproofing mixes
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Self leveling floors

Keep proper proportion of water and dry mix when making your mortar

Finishing refinement

I would recommend AlinEX FINISH P for finishing refinement, as it is the best flexible filler coat, and it provides perfect result!

Wall Finishing

It is better to use AlinEX GLATT for wall finishing as  it takes twice less time to apply.


Gypsum plaster

AlinEX GRENDER is best for leveling of walls; it is easily applied and very economical!

Tile adhesive

Do not glue the tiles on the dried up adhesive operate in small areas

Filler coats for further wallpapering

We would recommend using filler coats based on a gypsum adhesive, such as GLATT or GLATT PLUS for further wallpapering


SET 300 and 301

When attaching standard tiles of 200*300 mm, the coat of SET 300SET 301 can be between 3 and 7 mm thick 

FLASH more than 20 colors

Wide selection of grouts FLASH more than 20 colors gives a possibility to select the right grout tone to match the specific tiles.

Grouting of gypsum boards
We recommend to apply a second layer of grout JOINT after drying the first layer 8 hours
Floor Leveling

We would recommend LEVEL 1  for floor leveling in dry premises.


We would recommend PRIMERto improve adhesion of plasters, filler coats, and tile adhesives with bases.


Unique properties

 Increased work performance from 1.5 to 5 times.

Development of production of dry mix mortars on the global markets is first of all related to the need in increasing work performance. Quality of the finished surface and maximum extension of guaranteed life duration of such surface is important.
The main advantages of contemporary high-tech special-purpose dry mix mortars are as follows:
   *  there is a separate range of specialized products selected to ensure the best results in its specific area of application for each type of construction works;
    *   stable composition provided by cutting-edge technologies at modern plants guarantees always high quality and identical properties of products regardless of the batch;
    *   simplified transportation allowing for all-season use and long-term storage periods;
    *   guaranteed flame-resistance, high degree of DMM safety and eco-friendliness; and
   *    providing increased work performance of construction workers by 2-5 times, especially with the use of specialized equipment for mix application.

 Unique chemical formula of products AlinEX dry mix mortars are produced at plants with the cutting-edge equipment using the unique innovational recipes developed by the best experts of NIRP center (scientific research and development of products).

In addition to mineral adhesives and fillers, AlinEX products consist of a set of specially selected chemical additives to provide mixes with the required rheological properties, control the speed of setting and solidification of adhesives and ensure the required technical specifications of mortar after solidification.

The technical specifications of AlinEX products enable conducting renovation works in a high-quality and timesaving manner.

 Ecologically friendly production
AlinEX products are manufactured using modern equipment, in compliance with all the standards and regulations as far as technical and ecological safety, which is regularly confirmed by relevant certificates. AlinEX DMM do not contain heavy metals and are subject to mandatory 5-level quality control. 


Application by thick and thin coats

Any professional in the construction and finishing industry knows that only specialized DMM allow for working in a wide range of coat thickness. Modified AlinEX dry mix mortars can solve the issue. Every AlinEX product has the recommended range of thicknesses labeled on its package.


Mobility of dry mix mortars

Customers are provided with a silo plant for construction period in case of large purchase volume of AlinEX products. In such a case, AlinEX dry mix mortars, such as plastersfiller coats, tile adhesives, self-leveling floors are supplied in silos directly to the construction sites.