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Filler coats
Tile adhesives
Grouts for tile seams
Mixes for gypsum boards
Self-leveling floors
Waterproofing mixes
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Self leveling floors

Keep proper proportion of water and dry mix when making your mortar

Finishing refinement

I would recommend AlinEX FINISH P for finishing refinement, as it is the best flexible filler coat, and it provides perfect result!

Wall Finishing

It is better to use AlinEX GLATT for wall finishing as  it takes twice less time to apply.


Gypsum plaster

AlinEX GRENDER is best for leveling of walls; it is easily applied and very economical!

Tile adhesive

Do not glue the tiles on the dried up adhesive operate in small areas

Filler coats for further wallpapering

We would recommend using filler coats based on a gypsum adhesive, such as GLATT or GLATT PLUS for further wallpapering


SET 300 and 301

When attaching standard tiles of 200*300 mm, the coat of SET 300SET 301 can be between 3 and 7 mm thick 

FLASH more than 20 colors

Wide selection of grouts FLASH more than 20 colors gives a possibility to select the right grout tone to match the specific tiles.

Grouting of gypsum boards
We recommend to apply a second layer of grout JOINT after drying the first layer 8 hours
Floor Leveling

We would recommend LEVEL 1  for floor leveling in dry premises.


We would recommend PRIMERto improve adhesion of plasters, filler coats, and tile adhesives with bases.

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AlinEX has been on the market for more than 20 years, and clients and customers have been confident in choosing the products manufactured by the brand for all these decades.

When we talk about AlinEX, it is important to understand that consumers undoubtedly trust the brand products for an entire set of objective reasons.

Why have Kazakhstanis been choosing AlinEX dry mix mortars for more than 20 years yet?

Because AlineEX is an expert on the market of professional mix mortars. AlinEX expertise has been proved by decades and thousands of construction facilities, from residential apartments, hospitals, and kindergartens to large shopping malls, such as Mega, and industrial giants and super-projects, such as the Almaty Metro System.

AlinEX is a five-level quality control ensuring perfection: input control of raw materials and chemicals –> control of equipment cleanliness before production –> intermediary control in the production process –> quality control of finished products at the final stages of production –> test of consumer properties by OTEK and technical properties through NIRP (our specialized center for scientific research and development of products).

AlinEX is a 20-year warranty for a finished surface, provided observance of processing technology. Taking into account the brand experience on the DMM market, AlinEX warranty is the best protection of the consumer interests!

AlinEX is a full-scale service support for client at all stages: consulting the best technical experts, training application technologies on site, prompt customer feedback and support on a regular basis.

Geography of AlinEX export supplies extends to all the cities in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tadzhikistan, Russia, and Uzbekistan.

AlinEX is 20 years of excellent quality, 20 years of development of the market of construction and finishing materials in the country, 20 years of innovative breakthroughs, 20 years of satisfied customer’s needs and interests, and 20 years of success!

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  • For strengthening of porous and highly-absorbent surfaces, controlling absorption capacity of concrete, gas-concrete, and plastered bases, cement and gypsum plates, plaster boards.

  • For initial leveling of concrete and cement-sand floor bases using the “screeds” inside the buildings: in residential and public areas.

  • For attachment of gypsum boards, decorative elements, and ceramic tiles to concrete, brick, and plastered bases, and for attachment of ceramic tiles and decorative elements made of foam plastic.  

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